These commissions honor a stage in life or a place in time. Noteworthy events (weddings, births, graduations, major birthdays, deaths) are often followed by a clearing-out process… trips to the recycling center or Salvation Army. Instead, the accumulations can be turned into meaningful artworks.

Two-dimensional works may use personal clothing, or collected words written by, for or about the honored person. Handwriting may be transferred to transparent silk organza and quilted in sheer panels resembling airy pages. These versatile collages, hung on clear rods, can be used alone or grouped, against a wall, over a window or free-floating so that both sides of the piece are visible.
Three-dimensional versions may include collected memorabilia such as pictures, fabric items, wrapping paper, etc. incorporated into bundled sculpture. 6” tiles can form desk sculptures, propped on their included stand. You may commission a series for members of a bereaved family, or a wedding party, for example. The larger modular panels can be used on a wall, alone or in an edition.

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